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Get Rid of Annoying Noise

Do you get sick of hearing that clicking noise everytime you navifate to a new webpage and such? I had an email about this recently and (not that I had ever really been bothered about it) I figured I should do a quick post on how to get rid of it.

Just follow these points and you will turn it off in a second;

  • Open control panel
  • Click sound
  • Click on the sounds tab
  • Scroll down till you see start navigation and click on it
  • Go down to the sounds dropdown and select none
  • Click apply and OK

Remove Errors From Your Hard Disk

Errors on your hard disk can be a major problems for any home or business PC user, it will slow down your computer and potentially expose your computer to internet threats. You should always check your hard disk’s for errors and remove them immediatelly.

To check you hard disk for errors do this;

  • Open computer from your start menu
  • On the drive you want to scan right click
  • Select properties
  • Select the tools tab
  • Click the check now button
  • Run the scan

It will now most likely show some errors within your hard disk. This best method to fix these errors is to run our registry repair software, this will seek out the errors and repair them instantly.

Run a registry repair scan now