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Mouse Sonar

For some reason I have never heard of this cool feature before (as we all know there are thousands of unknown features in windows!), it allows you to basically ‘find’ your mouse pointer if you have lost it.

It can be useful for people with impaired vision of other problems locating their mouse pointer, and it is so simple to activate.

  • Open your control panel
  • Navigate to mouse section
    • XP is just control panel/mouse
    • Vista is control panel/hardware and sound/mouse
  • Click the pointer options tab
  • Check show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key
  • Apply and OK
  • You will find now that when you press the CTRL button a big circle shows around your mouse pointer making it simple to find.

Install a Font in Windows XP

I have received a few emails from frustrated uses that are having trouble installing fonts on their Windows XP computers, well I can say font installation is quite simple and should take only a minute or two.

Just follow these points to install a font on Windows XP;

  • Download your new font (usually in a true type or open type format)
  • Now open your fonts section from your control panel
  • Select install new font from your file menu
  • Find the font you have installed in the add fonts box
  • Click OK, done

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Delete Startup Programs From MSCONFIG

I have just recieved an email from one of our readers on deleting programs on startup, it goes;

‘Jim, I am trying to delete programs that try to start on the bootup process, I was told to go to control panel – all programs – startup and to delete unwanted program. But I did all that and I am still having massive problems at bootup with many programs like skype trying to start up, and my boot takes around 5 mins. Any help will be appreciated, thanks.’

Well Nicole you have done half the process for deleting programs starting up on your boot (you are not deleting the actual program), all you need now to do is to delete them through msconfig.

To access msconfig do the following;

  • Type run in your start search
  • Type msconfig in the run area
  • Click on the startup tab
  • Uncheck the programs you don’t want at startup
  • Click apply and you are done

I hope that helps out with your bootup Nicole, for any more questions please swing an email.

Speed Up Windows XP Shutdown Time

If you ever get frustrated waiting for your XP machine to shutdown (I just walk away), then you can perform this tweak that will speed up the shutdown time.

Just follow these dot points to speed up your shutdown time, but this is a registry edit so remember to backup your registry before performing any tweaks.

  • Open regedit
  • Navigate to this location
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
  • Create these new DWORDS and set the value to this number
    • AutoEndTasks=1
    • HungAppTimeout=4000
    • WaitToKillAppTimeout=4000
    • WaitToKillServiceTimeout=4000
  • You should find that your XP shutdown speed will be faster

Stop System Beeps

Do you get annoyed sometimes with all the beeps your computer makes? Well there is a quick registry tweak you can perform that will stop all your system beeps.

Remember to backup your registry before doing any edits!

  • Open regedit
  • Go to this location;
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Sound
  • Click on the key beep
  • Set the value to No
  • Close and done

Remove Music From Your Start Menu

Yesterday I wrote about removing the games menu from your start menu, well today I thought I will talk about how to remove the music link from your start menu.

There are the same two methods you can do to remove the music link from your start menu, through your start menu and through a registry hack.

Through Your Start Menu

  • Right click your start menu and click properties
  • Click customize on the start menu area
  • Scroll down to music
  • Click don’t display this item
  • Click apply and OK
  • Done

Through a Registry Hack

Note: Remember to backup your registry before doing any edits

  • Go to this location
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer
  • Create a new DWORD called NoStartMenuMyMusic
  • Set the value to 1
  • Done
  • Note: you can set the value back to 0 and the music will come back

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Backup Your Registry

Do you need to edit your registry but are worried that you may stuff things up and not have a backup. Here is a quick tip for you to do so that you can create a backup of your registry so you can restore your systems registry files if something bad happens (this should work in all windows operating systems).

  • Go to Start
  • Open Run
  • Type in: regedit
  • Choose File from the toolbar in your reg editor
  • Select Export
  • Name the backup (registry_backup_081001.reg – example)
  • At the bottom of the window you will see the Export Range category. Tick the “All” selection.
  • Save
  • Done

Windows ClearType

ClearType is a feature on Windows operating systems that aims to improve the appearance of text on certain types of computer display screens, especially LCD flat panel monitors.

Essentially ClearType improves the smoothness and clarity of all your text, which should improve the overall experience on your PC. You should find that by default ClearType is set to on but if not here is how you can set it to on;

Windows XP

  • Right click on the desktop
  • Select Properties
  • Click on the Appearance tab
  • Click on the Effects button
  • Put a check on the Use the following methods to smooth edges of screen fonts
  • Change the value from standard to ClearType
  • Done

Windows Vista

  • Right click on your desktop
  • Click personalize
  • Click windows color and appearance
  • Select the effects button
  • In the drop down select ClearType
  • Click OK