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Recover Data From Your iPod

Like millions of people all over the world I own an iPod, it is only an iPod shuffle but it works great and is perfect for myself.

But one thing that annoys me and many other people out there is what do I do when I lose data (or data gets lost by itself) and cannot recover that data.

I found this great software that you should try that will recover missing, corrupted and deleted data from any version of iPod’s. The software is so simple to use and I even recovered a song I forgot was even on there!

To get started using the software all you need to do is to click the link below and to download the software, it is as easy as that! The software will then take you through step-by-step on what you have to do to recover your iPod data.

Recover songs and data from any iPod – Click Here

Get Rid of Annoying Noise

Do you get sick of hearing that clicking noise everytime you navifate to a new webpage and such? I had an email about this recently and (not that I had ever really been bothered about it) I figured I should do a quick post on how to get rid of it.

Just follow these points and you will turn it off in a second;

  • Open control panel
  • Click sound
  • Click on the sounds tab
  • Scroll down till you see start navigation and click on it
  • Go down to the sounds dropdown and select none
  • Click apply and OK