Regcure Pro – Registry Repair

Repair and speed up your PC by up to 400%Regcure Pro

After years of use your PC will most likely become so full with useless data and information that it will run so slow that you start to go mad just opening up RegCure Software applications and programs. If this sounds like your computer than you need to run RegCure Pro;

The RegCure Pro registry editor software repairs and cleans your computers registry so that it will perform and run much faster. Just like a car, your PC needs tune ups and services often, and that is exactly what RegCure Pro offers.

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  • Fix Errors and Tune Up Your PC in Minutes
  • Boost PC Performance Instantly
  • Over 3,000,000 Downloads & Average Rating of 9/10
  • 100% Safe and Guaranteed – Spyware, Adware and Virus Free
  • Free Download – Download RegCure Now

What is Your Registry

The Windows registry is a directory within your computer that stores all your settings and options for the operating system. The registry contains information and settings for all the hardware, most non-operating system software, operating system software, users, preferences of the PC, and many more settings.

If the Windows Registry gets damaged or is not maintained, you will begin to experience PC errors (such as EXE errors) and your system will begin to run slower and slower.

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Features of Regcure Pro

Easy to Customize
You can easily set up RegCure to work for your needs on your PC.

Backup and Restore
RegCure Pro has its own backup feature that supports all operating systems from ME to Vista.

Automatic or Manual Repair
This is pretty self-explainatory, if you are a novice on the computer you can let RegCure Pro run and fix all errors, or if you have more experience on computers you can manually repair individual items with ReCure.

Program Shortcuts
Incorrect or doubled up program shortcuts are just another thing that will slow your PC, RegCure removes all unwanted and incorrect shortcuts so that your applications will open and run more smoother.

Removes Invalid DLL Entries
Invalid entries in your dynamic link library can cause major problems for your PC, RegCure will stop your DLL hell and restore your PC.

Empty Registry Keys
Registry keys that have no value will simply take up valuable space and make your PC sluggish, RegCure Pro will remove all the empty registry keys.

Shows Scan Progress
RegCure Pro shows you in real time the scan progress of your machine, so you know what is going on.

Built-In Scheduler
You can just tell RegCure Pro when you want it to do its job, sit back and relax!

Invalid Class Keys and Shell Extensions
Shell extensions and class keys that do not work will slow down your PC, RegCure Pro will find the invalid ones and remove them

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