Speed Up Windows 8

Just like other operating systems Windows 8 can become slow if you don’t optimise it for best performance, here are some basic tweaks that you can do to speed up Windows 8 and make it run smoother.

Disable Animations

Just like in other Windows operating systems, Windows 8 is full of ‘cool looking’ features that also can slow down your performance. Here is what you need to do to edit these visial effects:

  • Click windows key
  • Type advanced system settings and select settings
  • Under performance click settings
  • You will now find yourself in the visual effects area
  • Here you can simply click custom and select which visual effects you would like
  • Click apply

Edit Startup Programs

Here you can select what programs start when your PC is booting up, this will improve the speed of your boot:

  • Open task manager
  • Click startup tab
  • Here you can select which programs start up at boot

Clean Your Registry

Just like other version of Windows you should make sure your registry is always clean, this will improve the speed and performance of your PC:

Use regcure Pro to clean up your registry

Tweak Your Power Option

If you use AC power for your PC then you should maximize your power performance:

  • Open control panel
  • Go to system and security
  • Click power options
  • Select high performance

Windows 8 Power Options

Update Your Drivers

Make sure that all your drivers for all your peripherals and devices are up to date and working, that insures that your PC will work efficiently:

Use driver detective to update and maintain your drivers

Windows 8 Updates

It may sound obvious, but make sure you are always up to date with the latest updates for Windows 8, this will insure your operating system should run smoothly.

Follow this link for some more info from Microsoft about their updates.

Use Task Manager

With the new look task manager you can see in detail what exactly is using up all your CPU, RAM, bandwidth and hard drive. With this information you should be able to work out what programs/apps are making your PC run sluggish.

Toolbox for Windows 8

Try this very useful tool, it allows you to use up to 6 different tools at once on your screen including Facebook, Twitter and a browser.  This is very handy if you work from a large screen but useless if you want to use it from a smart phone.

Click this link to access the Toolbox.


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