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Open and Edit Windows Registry

If you need to make changes to your computer through the windows registry then you will have to be able to open up the registry editor.  This will work for all the different versions of your Windows operating system, although you may see User Account Control box pop up in the newer versions.

Note: It is advisable to backup your entire registry before you make any edits to it.

Here is how to access regedit:

  • Click start
  • In search box type run


  • In the run box type regedit
  • Click ok

You should be able to now see Regedit, from here you can navigate to where you need to go and make any changes you want.

If you want to clean up your registry so your entire computer will run faster then run this software, just click it and follow the prompts – RegCure registry cleaner

Windows Registry

Backup Your Registry

Do you need to edit your registry but are worried that you may stuff things up and not have a backup. Here is a quick tip for you to do so that you can create a backup of your registry so you can restore your systems registry files if something bad happens (this should work in all windows operating systems).

  • Go to Start
  • Open Run
  • Type in: regedit
  • Choose File from the toolbar in your reg editor
  • Select Export
  • Name the backup (registry_backup_081001.reg – example)
  • At the bottom of the window you will see the Export Range category. Tick the “All” selection.
  • Save
  • Done